JXTA Team Folder - jxtatf

JXTA Team Folder ( Planning and experimental) is a small program offering folder sharing between team members. Itís free to use and enjoy. Your are invited to participate.

Currently (2005-02-10) Iím reading JXTA programming manual and other articles to learn JXTA technology, so code in CVS reflects quite well status of project: learning and specification. 

Idea is offer easy to use tool to share your team folder with your friends in work, hobby or what ever. This is not a gnutella or P2P program to share music and other stuff. My goal is to provide useful too for myself, small companies and educational purposes. So you are welcome to comment, give feedback, give an idea, which features would be good (Okay first feature would be a working simple program, which I donít have yet, but...)


There is no other pages than this, so you cant go to summary page of the project.

No donations needed but I would appreciate any time you can give.